Great tasting coffee and zero waste!

We're excited to announce a new coffee partnership at Workbridge Coffee Shop with coffee supplier Jute coffee

Jute coffee are based in Market Harborough and supply coffee and tea wholesale to Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and throughout the East Midlands. They supply ethically sourced coffee in fully recyclable coffee tubs.

Jute work with a local bio plant to reuse the old coffee grounds and when the tubs are empty, collect from the coffee shop and reuse them for their next delivery. The whole process involves zero-waste!

The coffee is also proven to have great taste - Jute having recently been awarded a Great Taste Award for their Espresso coffee.

Craig Bosworth founded Jute coffee 1 year ago and has been in the coffee industry for over 10 years:

“Jute coffee is ethically sourced which means the farmers receive a fair price for the coffee. We have removed packaging from our supply chain saving thousands of non-recyclable bags from ending in landfill. The spent coffee grounds are turned into fuel so it is carbon efficient at every stage, helping the environment.”

This is the first step of many for Workbridge as we plan to reduce our carbon footprint and teach our service users more about recycling and the natural environment.

Chloe While, Service Manager at Workbridge explained:

“We’re really pleased to be working with Craig at Jute coffee. It was an easy decision to make. The coffee is ethically sourced and supports our own values as a charity. It tastes great too!”


Buzz… here’s the best bit!

We recently welcomed 30,000 bees to Workbridge ahead of a new bee keeping course next year. Jute coffee will be working with Workbridge to sponsor our bee hives and support the welfare of pollinating bees!

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