Develop life and vocational skills

Workbridge Vocational Education sessions help people living with mental illness, autism, learning disability or brain injury the opportunity to develop life and vocational skills to help them achieve their goals and live independently in their community.

Workbridge supports service user recovery, progress and skill development through vocational education and, as their skills develop, through jobs in the local community. At each step, service users are supported by our skilled tutors, helping them to realise their potential.

Service Users can access learning sessions delivered across 4 Vocational Hubs:

  • Creative Arts and InnovationJoin our creative programme incorporating drama, jewellery making, dance, painting and ceramics.
  • Horticulture and the Natural EnvironmentLearn about horticulture techniques and nature throughout the seasons, working in our Polytunnels and Allotment.
  • Design Technology and EngineeringDiscover how to design and make different products and how to use hand and power tools safely.
  • Food and HealthLearn how to prepare meals and make healthy food choices.

These Vocational Hubs, developed with input from Specialist Occupational and Vocational Therapists, introduce and improve key independence, recovery and employment skills. Each Hub is linked to a range of work experience at St Andrew’s Healthcare, Workbridge and in the local Northamptonshire community and accredited qualifications.

Service Users gain employment and life skills which are meaningful and which can be transferred into voluntary or paid employment.