Monday 10th to Sunday 16th August is National Allotments Week

A great opportunity to shine a light on the benefit of allotment gardening for health and wellbeing.

If you’re reading this and wondering how to find out how to rent an allotment locally to you, please carry on reading as we have plenty of information from our Garden Centre Team at Workbridge below...

For us at Workbridge, allotment gardening provides access to nature, the outdoors, a place to meet other like-minded people, a chance to learn new skills, learn about growing food from seed to plate, and an optimistic hobby - “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”.

Gardening is good for both your mental and physical health, which is why we love getting involved in horticulture activities with our service users at Workbridge!

What’s on during the week:

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Monday – We’ll be sharing tips on how to apply for an allotment

Tuesday – We’ll be announcing a photo competition for your allotment garden; with the winner winning a £20 voucher to spend at Workbridge Garden Centre.

Wednesday – Gardener’s Hour from 1-2pm, Becca from Workbridge Garden Centre will be answering your gardening questions on Facebook.

Thursday – We’ll be sharing with you the progress of our garden centre allotment and how service users get involved in horticulture at Workbridge.

Friday – Look out for the announcement of the winner of our photo competition

Where to go to rent an allotment:

Allotments are leased either from a private or local authority landlord, for growing fruit and vegetables. At some allotment sites, you can also keep hens, and bees.

An allotment is traditionally measured in poles (perches or rods), an old measurement dating back to Anglo-Saxon times. 10 poles is the accepted size of an allotment, the equivalent of 250 square metres or about the size of a tennis court. Quite often, smaller plots will be offered, with a 5 pole plot becoming a very popular and manageable size.

There are 16 Borough Council run allotment sites in Northampton, where 10 pole plots can be leased by the public at £32 per year.

Useful online resources:

National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners

Northampton Borough Council allotment sites and contact details