Service users have started returning to sessions, as part of a gradual and gentle re-opening of our vocational services at Workbridge.

Learning new skills helps people to develop self confidence, believe in themselves and has a positive influence on their wellbeing and mental health. Having a vocation is something we all seek in life, from paid employment to hobbies and creative outlets - learning together in a supportive space and being part of team is so important to our philosophy here at Workbridge.

It's been heartwarming to hear from service users on their return to Workbridge, about how much their sessions mean to them! 

Workbridge Woodturning is taught on Bedford Road, Northampton alongside our woodwork department. Here's Service User T who recently learnt how to make a circular planter (available to buy in our garden centre), talking about the skills they learnt in session and how this made them feel:

“I turned this planter from a hexagon shape into a round shape using a wood lathe. I took the inside out and created the grooves on the outside of the planter. I sanded the grooves down and cut copper tube to length and put it into the joints. I placed brass screws in deep and slowly and bent the copper tube around the planter, hammering it into place.

It took me about 3 sessions to make which is about a days work. I’ve been interested in woodwork and woodturning for 10 to 15 years. I've always enjoyed DIY at home and did woodcarvings too.

I do enjoy it, its good fun. You see the product when it’s finished. I like that. You have a lot of different things and aspects and every time you make something it’s different”. 


Workbridge helps people to learn new skills and believe in themselves


"I’d just like to say on Wednesday I was able to give woodturning a go with Stuart and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He explains the safety of using the machine and how to use the tools safely. Excellent teacher and I’d like to learn more and more if possible. I felt I’d achieved something new and it made my day."

Service User in Workbridge Woodturning.


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