Workbridge Coffee Shop is now open for outdoor dining and is welcoming back service users this April

Coffee supplier Jute Coffee joined Workbridge on 28th April to teach service users on how to make barista coffee at Workbridge Coffee Shop.

Service users DC and DC passed their training with flying colours - learning industry techniques on the Workbridge barista machine to make lattes and cappuccinos - thanks to the teaching of Craig from Jute Coffee. The trick with both coffees includes the temperature of the milk and the pouring style, with the "lazy latte" and "confident cappuccino" terminology on how to pour the milk for each.

The skills will be put to great use inside the coffee shop serving customers, and will support both individuals in their customer service and catering experience. Craig from Jute presented them both with a certificate from Jute Coffee to recognise their achievements.

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DC and DC collectively said after the training: "It was great fun. We really enjoyed it. We learnt a lot and it was a great experience".


About Workbridge Coffee Shop

Workbridge Coffee Shop is a popular cafe destination in Northampton that is open to the public, and provides adults with learning disabilities, autism, mental illness or brain injuries a space to develop their retail and customer skills in a catering environment.

Interested in finding out how you can develop work skills at Workbridge? Ask about joining us on a tour in May and June 2021 and see if Workbridge is right for you.